Bharat Khemlani

Photography has been my passion since I was a kid, so when a charitable foundation approached me back in 1983 to take photos and video of their spiritual master whenever he visited Hong Kong, I grabbed the opportunity. 

I have never looked back since then and have captured precious moments and expressions at almost all the events; at times I even borrowed the hired cameraman's equipment to shoot. Photography is something I truly love and appreciate ... capturing images of beautiful memories to last an eternity. 

Something was holding me back though. I was afraid to follow my dreams of making my passion my work - income is not steady; we needed both my partner and I to work to support the formidable expenses of a family with two young boys living in Hong Kong. So for most of my life I worked in sales and marketing in the import/export business until 2016. That was the turning point of my life. I had a serious health issue (I am blessed to have had a second chance) which made me realise what was most important in life ... so here I am fulfilling my dreams and following my passion of helping others gather their treasure of unforgettable memories for time to come ... let me help with yours. 


Whatsapp: +852 9287 7685





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